13 thoughts on “Submit Requests”

  1. Amanda I visited this site for the first time today and I have to tell you that I am inspired. Please take note and be encouraged that you have already touched my life for the better by making this available to us. I have been in somewhat of a slump for the past few weeks in my prayer time and this has inspired me and put the get up back in my go! Thank you friend ♡


  2. Amanda, sometimes things don’t work out like you thought, but it could be a good learning situation. You are a hard worker and you put your whole body into your work. I just want to tell you how proud I am of you. You are a fantastic mother and I wouldn’t have any other person to be my daughter-in-law. You are in my prayers that you will make it through this next week. Then, you can get some well deserved rest. Again, I am very proud of you and I love you very much, and am praying for you.


  3. What an amazing site Amanda! Prayer so needed and some times the last thing we think to do. There is such a need to teach others this is the first thing we should be doing. I love this and I have sent my first prayer request. I will tell all I can because sometimes to write it out instead of standing up and telling others or speaking out is something that keeps others from asking for prayer. I know this 100% first hand I was that way the first 40 years of my life. Amazing what you have done and created here. I love it.


    1. Thanks Joyce! I am so excited for women like you to come along with me on this journey so we can love each other, pray for each other & do life with each other! So blessed by you and very thankful for you!
      Amanda 💕


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