Verse of the Week

Hello Dear Ladies,
Do you feel powerless in your current situation? Is there something you are seeking but don’t feel effective? Do you truly long to connect to God when you pray?
God listens when we pray & we find him when we seek Him with our whole heart! That is sometimes difficult because our hearts can be divided & pulled in many directions but when we pray & ask God to align our heart with His, He is faithful to do that. That is where our power comes from. Our power does not come from us but from Him!Our prayers are heard & powerful because we pray to a powerful God. I encourage you this week to practice your power. Pray with a heart fully focused on God & He will hear. If you are struggling or your problems seem bigger than you & you are having trouble with feeling powerful please comment below or contact me directly we can be Powerful Together. I am praying with you & for you to be powerful
this week sweet sister!
Amanda đź’•